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The PSP Guide To Hiring a Nanny Babysitter: Step 1: WHAT do I want, WHAT can I expect and WHAT will it cost me? Nanny 101 Advice Childcare and Education

Note, a nanny with more work experience may come from a job with higher pay than a new nanny. These are the ground rules to a successful hiring experience as well as maintaining a great relationship with your nanny. These rules are based on 15 years of both personal experience as well as thousands of questions and responses on our Park Slope Parents Advice group. This article looks at what PSP members pay their nanny when they need childcare overnight.

  • These results are based on 900+ parents from Brooklyn who employ live-out nannies.
  • If you paid your nanny more than $500 in a quarter you must pay unemployment tax (both federal and NY State).
  • It’s difficult to decrease pay and benefits after you’ve given them.
  • Be up front about what you expect them to do (more on that in a bit).
  • By law you need to pay “by the hour.” Even if you feel you are paying a guaranteed rate, you need to work in overtime vs. hourly rate for your records.

PSP has worked with the NYC Department of Labor, Domestic Workers Union, payroll agencies, adn other great organizations to bring you this valuable information. What to do when you must end the Nanny relationship – on a good note! But because of schedule changes, school starting, or a big MOVE –  here’s advice from parents who have ended the Nanny Relationship positively and healthily. PSP is asking parents like you to support our work for economic justice in Brooklyn and beyond.

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Some people feel that it makes the relationship feel cold, can intimidate the nanny, and send a message of no confidence. Even others want the flexibility of not being bound by written documentation. Regardless of your reasons, it’s best for you and the nanny to have things in writing as a reference document. It also sets a level of professionalism and respect that is important to have in the relationship.

  • To help you figure out your costs Park Slope Parents has put together an INTERACTIVE spreadsheet to help you approximate the costs related to hiring a nanny.
  • From how to review applications and prepping the work agreement, Part 2 walks you through these details.
  • Trust us on this one, you’ll save yourself awkwardness and misunderstanding if something is in writing to refer to.
  • Learn about doing doing due diligence and the precautions you need to take – both before you hire and on the job.
  • This section talks you through how to orient your new nanny with your child and family.

No matter how much you (and they) feel they are “part of the family,” knowing yourself is important in making the right choice for a nanny. Step-by-step instructions and web links for paying your nanny or other household employee on the books. No matter your working situation, be sure to review the PSP Guide to Hiring a Nanny for help with all steps of the process—from posting an ISO ad to welcoming your new nanny into your home.

PSP Guides

You can download the PSP Nanny Compensation spreadsheet here. Create a copy of the spreadsheet for your own use, and check the comments on the spreadsheet for help in calculations. The easy answer is anything you negotiate and pay for.

The Park Slope Parents Guide to Finding an After School Nanny/ After School Babysitter

Knowing what you are offering will allow you to find the right fit and set appropriate expectations. Hiring a nanny means you are embarking on an employer/employee relationship. Let Park Slope Parents guide you through out the process. The nanny/family dynamic is often more emotionally charged than most working relationships because it centers on the care and wellbeing of your child(ren).

PSP Statement about Hiring Nannies

What happens if the nanny takes more than agreed upon sick days? There are some nannies who hold strong beliefs about issues surrounding homosexuality, race, religion and out-of-wedlock children. Since a full-time nanny is likely to spend 30+ hours a week with your child you want to make sure that the nanny holds beliefs that line up with yours in areas that are important to you. While you might not be a _____ (same sex couple, inter-racial couple, single mother by choice), your children might have playdates with friends who are.

You will find what members revealed in the most recent Nanny Survey (2015) and shared across our groups. Looking for a nanny is always an involved process, and if you work from home full-time, there are additional considerations to factor in. Here, you’ll find experiences from WFH parents who have successfully navigated the hiring process. These laws apply to all domestic workers, regardless of whether they are paid on or off the books or their eligibility to work in the U.S. It’s difficult to decrease pay and benefits after you’ve given them. If you start by giving your nanny robust pay and benefits and things change for you financially it’s hard to take things away.

Inside PSP’s Guide to Hiring a Nanny

It’s up to you to double-check references, ask the right questions, do background checks and look to the future and evolve with your kid(s)’ needs. Even if your best friend used a potential nanny, give yourself the peace of mind that comes with crossing your t’s and dotting your i’s. It’s great that you are doing your research to hire a nanny so that the relationship can be a great one. We have over 100 groups on Park Slope parents, but all our CHILDCARE posts are featured on the PSP Classifieds Group. This is where you can access all our nanny posts.

Also factor in that you’ll need to pay a replacement in addition to your nanny’s wage. Sometimes the nanny can help you come up with a replacement. Discuss whether you will pay out sick days that are not taken as this can add up to a week’s pay (the majority don’t pay out, but you need to be clear).